Monday, October 1, 2012


Just over a week after moving to our new house we've come a long way to making this house feel like a home!  Moving weekend was only two weekends ago and we've already got paint on some of the walls and decorations hanging!

I promise to post a little virtual tour of our new house for all of you that can't come out and see it in real life, but that will take me a bit to edit the photos so for now, you are stuck with some "in progress" pictures from this past weekend.

My Mom and Dad came back this weekend to help knock out a few of the projects on the list (which is miles and miles long, by the way!).  Ryan ended up having to work for a few hours on Saturday so Mom, Dad and I got up bright and early and got started working.  We were split up into two teams:  Team Paint (Mom and me) and Team Lighting (Dad and Ryan once we got done working).  If you haven't been out to the new house you can't fully appreciated the number of light fixtures that needed to be replaced.  Everything from the worlds smallest entry fixture, to fans that hung mere inches from our heads, to strange chandeliers all over, I quickly put Dad on working to correct that.  I can't even tell you how many fixtures he installed, or how many hours he spent doing electrical, but I have a feeling he won't be hanging any ceiling fans again anytime soon.

Let's just say that the electrical in this house leaves something to be desired.  Among other issues, none of the ceiling fixtures were hooked up to the light switch.  So, turning the switch on and off did essentially nothing, and you actually had to use the pull chains to work the lights/fans.  That is NOT going to work for me, so we figured we'd hook up all the fixtures to remotes, to avoid doing alot of complicated electrical work.  Let's just say after a full day of working to get the fans up and running, I think running new electrical might have been easier.  I can't tell you how many trips up and down the steps to the breaker box Ryan made.  It seemed like a never ending project!!  I'm sure my Dad would concur.

While Team Electric was hard at work, so was Team Paint:

We got Abby's room painted (the same Grey I painted it at the townhouse), the guest bedroom painted (a pretty sky blue), and the main bathroom (the same color as Abby's room).  There are still tons of spaces that need a fresh coat of paint, but it sure feels good to have 3 (count 'em THREE) rooms 100% finished.  We even have artwork up on the walls!

Abby helped a lot too.  She looked like this most of the weekend:

Which might not look like she did a lot, but having a sleeping baby goes a long way to getting work done! 

We worked hard on Saturday and on Sunday and I'm sure my parents are glad to be home without a "honey do" list from me *smile*.  Oh!  And, we did a room switch-eroo too.  We originally put the living room space right off the kitchen (it will make more sense when I get a house tour posted for you), and the dining room near the front door.  Ryan really wanted it swapped because the front room is bigger and really the room off the kitchen does make more sense as a dining room, but I was adamant that I wanted to be a part of the living space when I'm in the kitchen.  See, people flock to two areas; food and TV.  I wanted them to be one in the same so that I could be a part of conversations, and TV watching will making dinner and working in the kitchen.  But, after some convincing from Mom and Dad (and a TV from Santa - an early Christmas present - for the kitchen), we swapped the two rooms and it really is a lot nicer.  There is more room for "living" and the layout just makes more sense.  Of course, we've got big plans for the layout on the first floor so someday it will all get changed again, but for now, that's what we've got going on.

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