Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Fall Photo Shoot

After the baptisms we tried to squeeze in a quick Fall Photo Shoot. I think the babies might have been through a little too much in one day at this point because we had a hard time getting them both on the same page, but we did end up with a few cute ones I wanted to share.

We started out trying to get one with Abby in the pumpkin but neither of them liked that idea very much. Its a cute idea though and I've still got that pumpkin so you might see something like this in a few days. I think I'm going to try it again when Ryan can help me for a few minutes.

After the meltdown we scrapped the pumpkin idea for the time being and things got a little bit better.


These little shoots will turn out so much better when Abby has a little bit more head control and can sit up a little better. Kayden is adorable these days. She is grabbing for things and can hold onto stuff. She was very interested in the little monkeys on her foot...and the little pumpkin we gave her to hold.

Abby was much happier when I was holding her and snuggling with her. I think she was a little cold...it was sunny but cool that day.

I'll be back with more Fall pictures for you later. I'm determined to get a good one in that pumpkin!

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