Friday, April 20, 2012

April Showers bring May...Babies??

Yep, you guessed it.  I had another baby shower this past weekend.  But, this wasn't just any baby shower.  It was a shower for my little niece!  Joey and Andy's little baby girl is due May 25th (just a few days shy of Memorial Day weekend). 

Mom and I planned a great shower for her (if I do say so myself) and I wanted to share a few of the pictures with you.  There were 20 lovely ladies there to celebrate with us and we had a great time.  A few drove a LONG way to be there too.  Tom and Carolyn came all the way from Minneapolis,  my cousin Lydia and Charlie all the way from Rheinlander, WI, and Aunt Peggy from Milwaukee.  It was so great to see everyone, especially those we don't see so often. 

Check out our pretty tables!  The theme was "About to Hatch" so there were definitely a few chicks and eggs around.  We had the little pink trees with chicks in them, along with hard boiled eggs died pretty baby colors along with party favors of egg timers for everyone to take home with them.

That's a pretty little baby sweater that I knit for Kayden (more on my most recent knitting projects in another post). It turned out super cute and I"m making one for our little one as well. 

Mom made this pretty quilt for Kayden and Lydia helped!  I sadly don't have a picture of the beautiful blanket that Marsha crocheted for Joey.  She had some washing machine issues but stopped by later to drop it off and it was absolutely beautiful!! 

Check out my pretty sister and all those gifts!!

And I couldn't resist adding a picture of the cutest baby cake ever!!  Mom got a baker in Freeport to make this pretty little cake and it was just as yummy as it looked.

And with all that sugar, I'm going to go ahead and close for now.  Happy Shower Joey and Kayden.  Can't wait to finally meet you!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Videos from our trip to Mexico

Want another taste of our adventures in Mexico?  I finally figured out how to upload from my new video camera and I've got 3 videos to share.  Ry took them all so I take no responsibility :O)


*A video with a full tour of our amazing room for the week.

*One day we decided to head down to the waters edge and explore the rocks.

*Ry gives you a quick panoramic video of our view from under the umbrellas.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Cabo Wabo - Spring Break 2012

Lucky us...last week we spent our days seaside soaking up the sun and having a ton of fun with our family.  We left last Saturday morning for a week in Cabo, Mexico. 

We planned the trip about a year ago (pre-baby...) and invited Chris and Brenna along with us.  Actually, our group was short 2 more.  Joey and Andy had originally planned to join us, but Joey is now 33 weeks pregnant so they opted out just in case.  We had a direct flight from Chicago to Cabo so we arrived in Mexico before noon!!

Check out the view from our balcony.  Not too shabby right?  Our rooms were AMAZING.  Chris and Brenna and Ry and I shared a two bedroom villa with a full kitchen, living room, and guest bathroom (on top of the bathrooms in both our rooms).  Mom and Dad landed a 1 bedroom suite that had it's own kitchen and master bedroom.  Ry made a little video tour of our rooms so I will try uploading that in another post for you to see. 

We wasted no time getting beverages in every ones hand (except mine of course) and getting our barrings straight.  Since this was Mom and Dad's fourth time down there we were lucky to have them show us to all the best secret spots.  We went to the best restaurants, the boys took the best deep sea fishing tour (more on that in a sec) and went to the best beach. 

I celebrated my 29th Bbay watching the sun set over the Sea of Cortez...with that yummy piece of cheesecake. 

The boys went deep sea fishing one day.  The left the house around 5:45am and didn't get back into the Marina until 2:30pm.

They saw a few Marlin but sadly didn't catch a thing.  They said they had a few bites but no real action.  The fishing crew felt so bad for them that they gave them two huge filets of Yellowtail as a consoluation prize.  Which we turned into this:

We took the fish to a nice restuarnt in downtown Cabo (one that Mom and Dad recommended) .  They grilled it up and topped it with four different toppings.  So yummy.  My favorite was the coconut version in the top left hand corner (actually, this was my favorite meal of week).

While fishing, the boys also met this guy.  He just hopped up on the back of the boat as they neared the Marina and started begging for the left over bait.  He must have learned the trick awhile back because this guy was one big seal!!!

Pictures are more fun than words so I'll let them tell you the rest of the story.  I actually debated between taking my computer and blogging our way through the trip, keeping you update every step along the way, and enjoying every single second of our trip and telling you all about it when we got back.  Clearly I opted for option B...more pictures, less words.  So enjoy!!

(Check out that sexy outfit Ry has on! HA!  He really wanted to "take a picture with Sesame").

It took us a LONG time to finally get this family picture.  There were tons of "not quite right" to delete since both Chris and Mom both had their cameras on timers and had to race into the water and on the rocks before the pictures took.  It was quite entertaining to watch!!

A shot from the rocks/beach back at our hotel.  You can see there isn't much beach where we stayed, but it certainly didn't stop us from enjoying the sun and getting tans!

We started and ended our trip at this bar.  The Baja Brewing company.  They had yummy pizza and even yummier beer.  I had just a teeny tiny taste of Ry's.  Here is a picture of thier logo (a donkey with a beer bottle on a pole in front of a carrot, but better.  It's exactly how a feel.  Twenty more weeks and there is a beer at the end.  You know, after the baby of course.  HA!).

It sure wasn't hard to end our evenings to that every night!!

We had a great time and I wish we could have stayed for another week (or two, or three).  I hope you had all had a great Easter and I'll be back soon with a video tour of our hotel room and a few pictures I just couldn't fit in here.