Thursday, October 25, 2012


The House Tour post I did a few days ago was sort of a tease...see, we've done a ton since we moved in and I didn't show a single picture of it.  Well, today is your lucky day.  I've got a few rooms to show you of the progress we've made and a few space I'm ready to officially call "DONE", at least for the time being.  I tired to take the pictures from the same angle so you'd have something to compare to.  But, I added a few bonus pics so you could see all the work we did.  So, here we go.

I'll start with the hall bath, one of the few rooms I'm calling done.  We didn't do a ton in this room, just changed the shower curtain, hung a few fixtures, and changed the paint color.  You'll notice a theme of greys through out the house (and owls I guess).

Moving on to the guest bedroom.

The guest room got new paint (a pretty robin's egg blue), a new light fixture, and some new artwork.  Oh, and closet doors!  We put all new closet doors in the whole house and it made a huge difference.  This room is 90% done.  I just need something for the sides of the window (maybe some floating shelves?) and a nightstand of some sort.  Maybe a dresser too...but guests don't usually need dressers and the ones in our bedroom actually go with this bed, so we will see.

So, in the master we've got a new coat of paint, a new light fixture (thank god!) and that's about it.  The ceilings in our bedrooms are 7.5 feet tall for some unknown reason, instead of the normal 8.  Meaning that light fixtures tend to hand pretty low.  The old fixture was so close to our bed it drove me crazy.  You'd nearly hit your head if you sat on the bed so we got a low profile fan and it's so much better.  We've also got that tile bought for the bathroom redo.  You can see it piled in the shower in the last picture.  The shower is the next job on the list and we can't wait to get it done.  We've been showering in the hall bath since we moved in and we are both excited to finally have a master bath back again.

The last room for today is Abby's.  And I'm proud to say it's officially done!

Let's see, Abby got new paint (the same color I'd picked for the nursery in the townhouse), new closet doors, the lights fixed on her fan, and all of her decorations hung.  I love this room, which is good I suppose since I spend so much time in there.

I apologize for poor lighting in some of the pictures, and for not sprucing the place up to look showroom ready, but I snapped the pics quick while Abby was sleeping and figured you guys would rather have shotty pictures than no pictures at all :O)

I've got lots more to show you and lots more to do before we can call the whole house "done", but I hope you enjoyed these few rooms.

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