Monday, October 8, 2012

Me and my sister

Hi guys...Abby here.  I just wanted to share a few pictures of me and my sister with you today.  We love each other a LOT!  See, she's about to give me big smooch in this picture.  She is so soft, I love hanging out with her on the ground (with Mom or Dad VERY close of course).  Staley is super sweet, but sometimes she moves a little too fast for me so Mom makes sure to stay close until I get a little bigger.

"No pictures please mom!  We are just relaxing"

Staley is back to being sick again.  Truthfully she's been sick on and off for awhile now, but she's lost so much weight that we are really starting to worry about her again.  She's been back and forth with the vet a few times now trying to figure out some medicine that will work for her, but we are starting to worry.  The last time we were at the vet she weighed only 55 lbs, which is way to little for a big dog like a Shepard.  That's actually the least she's weighed since we figured out that she had EPI.  We could use all the doggy prayers you guys could send our way!!

"I was feeling a bit cold so Staley wrapped me up with her tail.  Thanks sister!"

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