Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Baptisms times two!

This past weekend we had a double baptism.  We baptised both Kayden and Abby at our church in Freeport.  I know it was a long drive for EVERYONE, but we were so happy to get to do it together.  The little girls both did so good.  There weren't even any tears out of either of them! 

Abby's Godparents are Ryan's cousins Chris and Brenna.  We know they were the perfect choice for our dear sweet Abby.

Pastor John did a really nice job with the service.  Joey and I were both grateful to be able to do the baptisms at the church we grew up in.  The service for the week just happened to be called "Let the Little Children Come" so it fit perfectly to have them baptised on this weekend. 

Only two months apart and it still amazes me every time we see Kayden how much bigger and farther along developmentally she is.  It's fun to see what Abby will be doing in two months from now!

Not even one peep out of Abby when he put the water on her!! 

And...for a little run down of what Abby wore:

Dress:  This was my dress from when I was baptised.  Mom had saved it all this time.  She actually had Joey's as well and Kayden was able to wear that.

Shoes:  These were the little shoes that Erin (Ryan's sister) wore when she was baptised.  They had the cutest little ribbon around the toes.

Pearl Necklace:  This came from Ellyn.  Both she and Erin wore it when they were baptised.  It came from Ellyn's grandpa. 

It was so nice to have all these sentimental pieces for Abby to wear.  She is one loved little girl!!

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