Thursday, February 25, 2016

Game Night

Winter....blah!  Abby's been asking us for weeks now to play on her bike, or swing set, or go for walks...anything to get out of the house.  I feel ya girl, I do.  But, we're still a few months away from spring/summer weather and that means we're often cooped up in the house.  Weekends are better, we have time to get outside while the sun is still out, but weeknights, we get home, do dinner, watch a show or two to settle down and then it's off to bed.  The days are so short, and it's so cold that we've all been feeling like we need spring!

Anyways, what does all that complaining about winter have to do with this post?  Well, one random evening Ryan asked me if we had any games to play with Abby and I said I'd pick some up.  I wasn't sure if she was ready for a real board game yet.  You know, turns, winning/losing, a path with a direction....I wasn't sure if she would get it.  But she did!  Candyland was a huge success.

She won the first tame....I lost, big time!  Of course, after that she thought she was ALWAYS supposed to win and would try swapping her piece for whoever was in first.  She's a smart kid....and the first born so she's used to getting her way I guess.  That night she and Ryan probably played 5 games and had a great time doing it.  Which, reminds me, maybe I'll break out this game again tonight.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Honoring Everyday Moments

Remember when I used to blog a ton?  I do.  I feel like this happens every winter.  Blogging sort of slows to a crawl for me until the spring hits and I finally get my act back together.  It's not that we aren't me, we are.  But we're doing less that seems notable in the winter months.  But, I have to remember that my reasons for blogging go far beyond sharing the big moments with you.  For me, this little space that I carved out of the internet is about remembering all of the little moments that slip quietly past.  The moments that are the foundation for the big, wild, crazy moments I tend to blog about.

Perfect example, see those purple scribbles on the tub in the first picture?  That is one of the first times Abby wrote her name.  The B's look more like upside down balloons, but they are lower case letters and that is huge!  And, she wrote them in a straight line, and in order.  More often they are scattered around the page in no particular order, but on this random night in the tub, she got it right.

And Hazel, poor second baby!  I remember having post after post with random pictures of everyday life with Abby.  I really need to just keep my camera out and shoot a few here and there so this little peanut has just as many baby pictures as her big sister.  At least she's got her weekly photo blog.  I'm keeping up with some things ;)

It's these moments, these ones that seem so random and un-blog-worthy that I know someday I'll look back on and treasure.  It's the days of baths in laundry baskets (to keep from drowning) and scribbles on the bathtub that I just know will float past far too quickly.  So, on that note, please excuse the randomness that may be headed your way.  For me, it's these tiny moments that make up these little humans lives and I need to remember to document (and celebrate) them just as much as we do the big things!

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

1 Family x 12 (Jan)

For some reason, Jan and Feb are always slow blog months.  At least I remembered to grab our family photo for Jan.  It was a close one, we took this on Jan 30th while bowling with Jamie/Zach and Stella.  I just know that someday, these will be some of my most favorite photos.  I mean...look at Abby's face.  HA!!