Saturday, October 6, 2012

Moving day

Remember that time that I finally got caught up on the blog after having Abby?  Then we moved and I got all back-logged again.  So, I'm trying to get some of these old pictures posted and get back to being caught up.

Moved into the new house (pictures coming...I swear) on September 22nd and we had an amazing crew of people come out to make it all happen lickity split. 

We had to take two so Brenna could be in one and I could be in one.  I'm going to have to figure out a remote situation so everyone can be included here one of these days (add that project to the ever growing list).  We don't quite have everyone in this picture, Lauren and Brian came out to help and so did Ryan's Uncle Tim and Aunt Lynda.  We were sure grateful for all the help we had.

This wasn't a "staged" picture at all :O)  It takes two to help move a laundry basket.

Ellyn gets the Golden Sponge award for moving weekend.  She spent 3 days straight cleaning both at the new house and the old one.  She literally scoured every surface of my new kitchen and cleaned each and every slat of every blind in the whole house.  I can't say how grateful I am for all of her hard work.  I though about hiring someone to come in and clean but they never would have done as good of a job as Ellyn or, if they did, it would have cost me a fortune. 

Ryan "supervising"

Brenna was amazing and ran cleaning duty.  She said she'd rather vacuum than move heavy boxes and I was more than willing to show her where the cleaning supplies were.  I think she fell in love with my vacuum while she was at it.  Gotta love a Dyson!

This is how Rocky helped with the move.  Poor guy....once we got to the new house he got to run and play with the other dogs.  I should point out that Rocky has the good life in this picture.  Lily, Ruby and Staley were all crammed in the back of my car at this point.

I can't forget about the babies.  They were pretty involved in the move too.  They did a lot of this....

And finally, it wouldn't be moving day without a little Icing!

All in all, the move went great.  Dad and I had done a trip on Friday and then we were able to get everything else done in one massive move thanks to two moving trucks and piling every single car and truck that came full to the gills with stuff.  Who knew that two people could have so much crap!!  Well, it's not totally fair, one full truck was the garage and Ryan's shop.  He's going to have a hard time selling me on letting him buy any more tools after I saw what came out of that garage!

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