Friday, May 29, 2015

Camper Updates

I promised to put together a quick post around the updates we made to the camper after our last trip and since we had the camper out last weekend for Memorial Day I took the opportunity to snap a few pictures of the changes we've made so far.  You can see the way it used to look back here in my original post about the camper.

The first update we made was adding a real door to the master bedroom and closing off the half wall behind the couch into the bedroom.  It makes for a tight fit around the end of the bed, especially for this 34 week pregnant Momma but luckily I sleep on the side closest to the door so Ryan gets to do the sideways shuffle to get into bed.  HA!  Poor guy!

The second big change we made was to the back bunk room.  If you remember (or click back to see the original post) the bedroom in the back used to be open to the kitchen area and had a double bed that extended all the way to the wall (under the cabinet there in the picture below).  We cut back that bed making it a twin size and allowing us to add a MUCH NEEDED door to the back bedroom.  The entire goal of trading up into this larger camper was to create a bedroom space for Abby (and eventually both kids) that was closed off to the rest of the camper.  Adding to door made this possible and has worked out perfect.  Now, we can put Abby to bed and still use the rest of the camper without waking her up with every movement we make.

Most importantly we can turn on the lights, go to the bathroom and go to bed all without waking up the kids.  Which, with a little one's due date fast approaching we were in desperate need of.  We've got two pretty large camping trips planned all within 6 weeks of having baby #2 so there will be plenty of times where I'm up feeding a baby in the middle of the night, and waking up the sleeping 3 year old is FAR from ideal.

Most people spend the last month or so of their pregnancy nesting indoors...not us....we're spending it "nesting" in the camper so we're set to vacation with a 3 week old and 3 year old all in a 27 foot camper.  Yes - I'm insane.  I get that :)

Monday, May 18, 2015

1 Family x 12 (May)

Well guys - I have a feeling this is the last monthly family picture of the three of us.  I'm thinking our June picture will include the newest little McGrath.  Which, to this 33 week pregnant Momma is music to my ears!!!

Abby was more interested in the beads on my dress than taking a picture this month...but at least we're all smiling.

Ryan raced the Galena Tri this past weekend.  It feels like it's been forever since we've had a race and Abby loved getting to cheer her Daddy on.  The weather was crazy rainy on Saturday but somehow we managed to have sunshine and clear skies the entire time we were outside.  Thanks Mother Nature!!

I only got one decent race picture this year so instead of doing a full post on the race, I'll just include it here.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

1 Family x 12 (April)

Yes - I realize that it is now mid-May and I'm just now posting April's family photo....and that technically this picture was taken on May 2nd (so not in April) but I hope you'll all give me a break.  :O)

That's our new camper in the background.  No, I didn't remember to take any pictures of the progress on that either.  We'll have it out again next weekend for Memorial Day and I promise to get you some updates then.  Pinky swear!!!