Monday, May 21, 2012

Tri-ing in 2012

This past weekend marked the beginning of race season for us.  The Galena Tri has been Ryan's first race of the year for 4 or 5 years running now.  It's one of my favorite to watch for lots of reasons, but the one that takes the cake is the fact that we get to eat at Vinny's for lunch after the race :O)  It's one of my favorite restaurants, so much so that we went there for my Senior Prom and for my Bachelorette party. 

Aside from Vinny's (can you tell there's a pregnant lady writing this post?), we had a great weekend for a race.  It might have been a little warm for Ryan's taste (in the mid 80's) but if you ask me the weather was perfect.  It was sunny and so nice to be outside cheering for my hubby!

Yep, pretty sure you can see that baby bump now (we hadn't eaten at Vinny's yet for those jokesters out there...).    I'm 25 weeks now with just 15 weeks to go.  Come on August!  It's hard not to wish the time away, but I'm trying hard to remember to enjoy the moment.

Back to the race details...the race is a 660 yard swim, a 16.8 mile bike and a 4.3 mile run.  Ryan was pretty happy with his time, especially since he hasn't been able to put in as much training time as he'd have liked (stupid work!).  Ryan finished the race in 1 hour 44 minutes and placed 156 out of 674. 

After the race we me the Wares in Galena and were suprised when Joey and Andy met us as well.  Joey is due in just about a week from now so she's about ready to pop.  I also got to see Kristina and Connor on Saturday afternoon (he's getting SO big), but of course I didn't think to take any pics, sorry!

It was a great weekend with great weather to get us started for summer.  Next weekend is Memorial Day and we are headed to Koontz lake.  Fingers crossed that we draw same "amazing weather" card for next weekend too.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Knitting...lots and lots of knitting

It's been awhile since I've shared my knitting projects with you so for those of you that don't see me often, you may have thought that I'd given up on that little hobby.  Far from it! With five...count em....five babies coming this year to some of my closest friends I've been knitting like a fool!  Actually, if I'm being honest, that's part of the reason things have been so quite around here in the last few months.  Most days when I get home from work I have three choices (well, after dinner is made that is).  1.  Read (which I still do alot of) 2.  Blog and 3. Knit.  Since babies have a deadline of sorts, I've often opted for the knitting needles and yarn. 

Here goes nothing:

Joey's baby blanket is pink and purple polka-dots.  I actually knit this same blanket twice in a row.  Kristina (well, really Connor) got his own version in two colors of blue.  I absentmindedly forgot to take pictures of his blanket though so you are just going to have to use your imagination.  Joey's is slightly different because I re-wrote the whole pattern after knitting the blanket once for Kristina.  There were some things I wanted to change, so I did!  It's actually the first time that I've been adventurous enough to try deviating from a pattern.  Go me!

This has got to be the cutest thing I've ever knit.  It's another present for my little niece Kayden (can you tell I'm already a smitten aunt)?  Its a teeny tiny baby sweater for Kayden.  Clad with pink buttons, because if I know my sister, this little girl will love the color pink.

Up next, a hat, and mittens I knitted for my mom.  Yes, it's May and a hat and mittens seem a bit silly.  But, I actually had these done in April (which is still silly) but the project has been sitting in my que for nearly a year now so I'm happy to call this one finally finished!

It's one of the most intricate patterns I've ever done and I love the contrast of black and white.  I actually did the same exact set for a friend of mom's as a Christmas present, but that one was done in light pink and cream and the pattern didn't pop nearly as much.

Here's a quick shot of the mittens.  The bottom side is different than the top.  This pair, like the hat, turned out perfect.  I actually added a third type of yarn (with sparkle!) while knitting these that gave them a pretty sheen and the dreamy furry feel that you can practically see in the pictures. 

That's all I've got to show you for today.  Now three, well technically five (if you count two blankets of the same type and the hat/mittens seperaetly) sure doesn't seem like alot, but I've kept a few surpises from you.  In addition to these, I've finished a baby blanket for myself (it's the second project I've done that isn't being gifted out) and a second blanket in the works for Betsy.  I'm keeping them both a surpise for now.  You'll have to keep checking back for those later

Also, I know I've been terrible about posting some new weekly pics of me and this baby bump.  But, I've got good news on that front!  Lo took a few pics last weekend while we were at Betsy's.  As soon as I get my hands on them, I'll toss them up here for you guys as well.

The weekends are officially booked from now until just about my due date, so be ready, I've got more posts coming.  Promise!!