Sunday, October 21, 2012

New House Tour!'all ready for this??  Lot's of pictures are coming your way so here we go; a tour of the new house!

Front door's open, come on in!

From the front door looking into the living room.  You can see a peak of the kitchen towards the very back.

From the kitchen looking back at the front door.

The kitchen looking into the dining room.

The dining room.

Looking down the hall.  The main bath is right to the left, the guest room is the first door on the left.  then you can see Abby's room at the end of the hall, and the master is the left of that.

The main bath.

The guest room.

From the guest room looking back into the hallway.

Abby's room.

Looking into the master from the hall.

The master and the walk-in closet.

The master bath, with a strange hotel feel with the sink in the room, and the toilet/shower behind a pocket door.  We plan to change this by moving the wall into the room, and enclosing the sink into the bathroom.

The Master Bath

The mudroom/laundry.  We plan to convert this into a mudroom only and move the washer/dryer into the basement.

The garage.  The previous owners decided to close up the garage (the door used to be where the beginnings of the fireplace are on the back wall.  We will be converting this back to a garage/shop space very soon.  We've already go the garage door sitting in the driveway.

Looking back towards the door into the house.  That closet area in the back left corner is where our temporary washer/dryer are.  Not ideal, but it works for now.

The right hand side of the basement. You can see a storage area to the back left and the door to Ryan's office to the right hand side of the picture. 

The left hand side of the basement.

A great storage area in the basement.  We've already filled that up!  :O)

Ryan's office/bike room.

Looking from the doors in the kitchen out onto the deck/pool area.  You can see a three-season room that will get a ton of use!

A great view of the backyard and the shed.  More storage!!  If you helped us move, you know we needed it!

Looking back at the house from the pool.  You can see the walkout from the basement and the area where we plan to build our additional garage/shop space in the top right hand side (where the fence is).

From the far corner of our lot looking back at the house.  The dogs love the yard space and we love letting them hang out outside all day long.  They love it here and so do we!!

Now that I've FINALLY got a post up with all of the before pictures I promise to go around and give you updates of what we've done so far and of the plans we've been making for the house.  If you haven't been out to visit us yet, we'd love to have you!! 

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