Thursday, June 2, 2011

Better late than never

Yep, Memorial Day was officially over 3 days ago.  Yep, I totally blanked on taking pictures of the entire weekend (except the few I've got here for you from when we were packing).  Yep, I'm just now blogging from the weekend.  Yep, I've been a little MIA with the posts lately.  All that being said.....I do have just a few things to share with you all.

You may have thought we'd out done ourselves on New Years Eve when we packed the truck with a total of 3, count 'em 3 kegs for the celebration.  Or, maybe one better on the day before our wedding when we were packed to the gills with my my wedding dress strapped down with bungee cords.  Well, I'm here to tell you, you were DEAD WRONG!!!  *smile*

Here are a few shots of the back of our truck.  I wish I had photoshop so I could draw little arrows pointing out exactly what we've got where in that truck, but a picture and text will just have to do.

The whole shebang....

A little closer view

Even closer
 Alright, so what the heck could we possibly have in there?  Well, here goes.  We have:

1. 46 inch TV (for grandpa from all the brothers and Ellyn)
2.  A bar top for the new updated basement at the lake that I blogged a few months back
3.  A new door for the new basement
4.  One Keg (Miller Lite in case you wondered)
5.  2 cases of I-Energy ( for the kiddies...because Ryan says it's gross and we've already gotten rid of 3 other cases)
6.  5 bar stools to go with the new bar
7.  Our bags and doggie stuff
8.  A cooler full of stuff for Margarita's and Bloody Mary's
9.  An air mattress.  There were 26 of us at the lake for Memorial Day so we knew we would need it at some point
10.  A bracket to hang the new TV up
11.  Two cakes (desserts were on my list to bring)
12.  Two knitting bags, you know me
13.  Two dogs
14.  And of course, Ryan and I

Phew.  I'm tired just typing it all up, much less how we felt after loading it, TWICE.  Ryan and I had the whole truck loaded and tied down.  We walked into the house to make a final walk through making sure we didn't forget anything, and realized heck yeah we forgot something.  The TV!!!  Hahaha...I'm not sure how we forgot the huge TV, but we sure did.  So, we had to unpack and repack about 1/2 of the truck to get it loaded. 

So, we drove the whole way to the lake holding our breath hoping it didn't rain.  We didn't really have a Plan B and the sky was pretty dark the entire way to the lake.  But, we managed to make it, totally dry and intact.

I was horrible about taking pictures the rest of the weekend.  It rained most of the day Saturday and although Sunday was hot, it was still pretty yucky outside.  We actually all huddled into the basement at one point when Uncle Mike called to say he heard that there was a tornado headed towards Koontz Lake.  Note:  We filled up our beers before heading down (smile).  Monday was the most amazing day.  Hot and sunny and fun.  Ryan and I actually headed back pretty early from the lake.  Ah...the joys of owning a business.

Here are a few extra pics I snapped before we headed out.


And, one last gratuitous doggie shot (because you know I've got to)

Happy Memorial Day to everyone (yep, 3 days late)

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