Saturday, May 14, 2011

Looking back...long lost pictures

This past weekend I FINALLY finished unpacking *sad face* all the boxes we packed up when we thought we were moving.  Anyways, while doing that I found my old camera and a whole bunch of pictures I had A. forgotten I'd taken and B.  forgotten to download.  Luckily, I also still had the teeny tiny cord I needed to download them to my computer and here are some cute ones I wanted to share with you:

Staley's first day with us.

So teeny....

My ears are bigger than the rest of me mom!

Water is fun!!

I still have huge ears, but look how big I've gotten in just 1 year. 

Lily hates to have her picture taken, so she always looks away.  But, I couldn't do an entire post on just Staley dog!
 I hope you've all enjoyed this little blast from the past.

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