Sunday, June 12, 2011

Bachelorette Party, Guns and Clay Pigeons (in that order, but not at the same time of course)


This weekend was a fun packed weekend!!  Saturday was Jamie's Bachelorette Party in Galena, Illinois.  We did pretty much exactly the same thing we did for my party.  We rented a house in Galena, went to a winery tour at the Galena Cellars, at dinner at Vinny Vanuchi's and pretty much had a great time!!!

Let me start by saying Jamie has some of the sweetest girlfriends.  I really enjoyed hanging out with them this weekend and meeting them all for the first time.  At the wine tour we got to try maybe 10 different types of wine made right there in Galena.  We also got a wine and chocolate pairing to go along with the tasting so it was a great way to learn about how to pair the wines.  I wish I had kept the little cheese chart they gave us to describe which cheeses went with which wines.

Then, after the tour we all went back to the house we rented.  We had a little time to kill between the tour and dinner so we played a little Bachelorette party game that I played at Lauren's party.  It's really fun, but quite difficult.  The gist of the game is that each girl brings a pair of NEW underwear that she would buy for herself (in the size the bride wears).  Then, we all put the undies in the center of the room and Jamie has to try and match the underwear up with the girl that brought it.  With 16 pair to match up Jamie had quite the time.  We decided that as "punishment" for getting girls wrong, Jamie would have to do shot for each round she got wrong.  Here are a few pictures to show you how that went.

The end of round 1: 4 ladies down!

End of round 2: Still looking pretty happy!

Umm..Jenna, which ones did I give you last time?  SHOOT!!

Round 3:  What's wrong Jamie, is it harder than you expected?

Round 3, or was it 4, or maybe, 3.5?  Come on Jamie, its 1 oz of beer!!  You can't be drunk yet :O)

Finally finished!!  Congrats!
 After playing the game, we headed to Vinny's for a delicious dinner.  If you've never been there, trust me, it might very well the meal I would request if I was going to die (ok, that's a lie, it would be dumplings and mom's pigs in a blanket, but this is dang close!)  It is so delicious and the bread sticks are literally to DIE for.  Don't take my word for it, get your bum in that car and head over there.  Take a weekend, Galena is such a pretty place to relax. 

After dinner we all went back to the house and hung out for the night.  That way everyone could party and nobody had to drive.  We had a great time!!


Sunday morning Ryan, Mom, Dad, Jamie and I all decided to go out and shoot clay pigeons.  Mom and I didn't shoot, but we had a great time laughing as we chucked the pigeons into the air for the shooters to blast.  At some point I decided it would be funny to start making animal noises as I threw them out (to simulate real life of course).  I did a turkey, a parrot (by saying "Polly want a cracker?), a goose, a chicken, a mule and maybe even a cow or two...I can't remember.  I wish I had a video camera to show you video.  A Flip sure would have been nice (HINT, HINT Ryan...maybe for Christmas!)

Here are a few shots from the day courtesy of Jamie's phone camera:

Ryan shooting and Dad playing backup

Don't mind my weird pose.  It really isn't that hard to toss them...I was just being weird!

Dad looks like a real professional!

Do it Jamie!  Do it!!!

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