Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The longest day of the year? I think not!!

Yesterday was officially the first day of Summer!  Meaning that yesterday was also supposed to be the longest day of the year.  And, meaning that it's officially 6 month's until Ryan turns the big Three-Oh!  Ryan was born the the first day of winter...the shortest day of the year (UG!).

Anyways, yesterday sure didn't feel like it was the longest day of the year.  At 8 pm it was nearly dark outside!  Here are some pictures to give you a visual (and because you know I love having pictures in my posts to keep them interesting!).

Can you believe it?

About 8:00pm Ryan called me on his way home from bike class to say that the tornado sirens were going off.  I went outside and could hear them faintly in the distance.  I thought it was weird that I didn't see anything on TV about a bad storm, but soon realized it was because I was watching DVR.  So, I went back in and switched to the local news channel.  Seconds after doing that the program was interrupted that a funnel cloud was spotted 5 miles from our house.  I still wasn't too freaked out until I heard the sirens nearly in our backyard going off. 

Living in a townhouse means that we don't have a basement.  I called Ryan back to see where he was (hooking up the trailer) because I was starting to get scared.  Ry reassured me that "God hates trailer parks more than townhouses" so I should be safe.  Hahahah!  Only Ryan! 

Anyways, since there wasn't a basement for me to huddle in, I decided to stay outside and watch the storm blow in. If there was a funnel, I'd run back inside and go in our 1st floor bathroom :O)  About 10 minutes after the sirens went off, the rain started to fall and the wind whipped the trees like they were in a hurricane. 

Long story short, I never saw a funnel, our house is still standing and we just got ALOT of rain.  But, the longest day of the year sure seemed to get dark pretty fast!

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