Monday, June 27, 2011

Betsy's Wedding!!

You all have heard of the Year of the Dragon and the Year of the Pig right?  Well, I'm thinking they need to redo their calendars and include the Year of Weddings for Ryan and I.  By this point you all know that our calendar is chalked full of weddings and wedding related events this summer.  Ry and I are so excited that we get to be a part of 6 weddings and in some of them we hold some pretty important roles.  Four of the six weddings are for people that we had standing up in our own wedding party.  It makes for such a fun summer of friends!!

This past weekend was Betsy and Pat's wedding right here in Naperville, Il.  They were married in the United Methodist church in downtown Naperville and the reception was held at the Westin in Lombard.  Boy oh boy did we have a great time!  It was such a beautiful event, the food was delicious (I loved the tri-colored Ravioli's), the room was beautiful, and most importantly, so was the BRIDE!!

Here are some pictures for you to enjoy from the night. 

See...told you!  So beautiful!!

Dad, let me tell you, it kills me...literally kills me to post a picture where I'm standing so close to anything Bears, but, it's John, so I've got to post it!  Besides, if I could get one in Green and Gold, I'd wear it proudly too!

Ahhhh!  Weddings!  So much fun!  I wish we could re-wind this past weekend and do it all over again.  Up next, Jamie's wedding just under 1 month away!

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