Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Staley dog is sick! :O(

My poor little Staley dog is sick.  Well, she has been sick.  For about three weeks now.  I will spare you all the gory details, but let me put it this way.  For the last few weeks Staley has been saying "Mommy, I know why my tummy hurted!  I had bad poops". 

For those of you that have no idea what I'm talking about, it's probably better that way.  For those of you that do know, I figured you would enjoy that one little tid bit.  After 1 week of thinking/hoping she would "get over it" and two weeks of different antibiotics, I finally decided that she was looking a little too Ethiopian for my taste and decided to meet my parents up in Rockford this evening to give them Staley to take to the vet.  I just don't trust the vets out here by us.  Some of you may remember the Lily drama we had about 2 summers ago now with her ear infections and a horrible vet.  Don't get me wrong, I am sure there are great vets out here by us, I just trust my good old vet in Freeport.  Sure, he probably sees more horses and cows than dogs and cats, but you know what, that is fine with me!

For the last week now I've convinced myself that Staley has Stomach Cancer.  Not because I made it up, but because the vet mentioned it to me in passing.  I know, I know...she doesn't.  I am just a worry wort.  And, as my mother pointed out tonight, I get it from her.  If I could turn it off, I would.  But, I can't.  I've convinced myself that I will be getting that dreaded phone call from my mom tomorrow morning saying that it's something bad and we can't fix it.  I'm sure the vet will say it's something silly like her food (which we haven't changed) or her water, or worms, or something completely simple to fix, but for right now, all I can hear is the horrible and the awful.

So, tonight, wish me sweet dreams and a deep sleep.  Say a little prayer for my doggie.  Because I sure has heck can't stop thinking about her.  I will update you all tomorrow when I know more.

Also, on a side note, I haven't forgotten about the 4th of July or this past weekend.  I've got pictures to post and stories to share, I've just been  busy lazy and promise to get to it soon before I get too far behind.  This upcoming weekend Ryan is racing his biggest race of the year so far.  A half Ironman in Racine, Wisconsin.  Just under a month and a half out from the real deal, this race will be a true measure of how ready he is for Louisville.

That's all for now....I'm off to snuggle in with a good book and a glass of wine.

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