Thursday, April 25, 2013


It's clear that someone loved the newest toy we bought her!!  Monday night it was actually warm enough, and sunny enough to spend some time outside.  Ry and I bought this swing for Abby a few days ago and it was finally time to get it into the tree. 

Gotta take a the opportunity to get in front of the camera whenever you can.  Messy hair, work clothes and all. 

I'm pretty sure this was one of her very first pushes.  She's her Daddy's daughter for sure.  She loves getting tossed into the air, being flown across the room, and now swinging.  You might notice in the videos that Ry seems to push her a little more wild than I would, but she was happy so who am I to judge.
Safety first Daddy!

Check out all those sticks on the ground.  Those are courtesy of Staley.  She loves that she's got a huge hard to run around in and protect from all those other dogs.  She also loves that there is a never ending supply of sticks for her to chew up and litter the yard with. 

She's laughing so hard she's drooling!

It's blurry, but this is one of my favorite pictures from the day.  Thank goodness for my awesome camera, I'd have never gotten these gems without it.

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