Thursday, April 18, 2013


This past weekend it FINALLY started to feel like Spring!  On Sunday it was nearly 70 degrees outside and the sun stayed out for most of the day.  Since Abby was too little to spend much time outside last fall, she really hasn't had a chance to play in the grass or just sit outside (especially since she couldn't really sit until the winter months).

I plopped her down on a towel with some toys while Ryan and I worked on some outside projects.  Well, I suppose I should say that Abby and I watched Ryan work on outside projects.  I did a lot of pointing and suggesting while he did all of the hard work (stay tuned for a post on that adventure tomorrow). 

Gotta throw in some doggy love every now and then!

How can you resist a cute baby in spring colors sitting in the sun?  It didn't take me long to snag my camera and do a mini photo-shoot with the only person in the family that entertains photo shoots.  Ryan cries like a baby and the dogs scurry away.  Luckily, Abby can't scurry anywhere just yet.

One of my favs!  Selfie with my peanut!

Abbers loved it outside.  She was perfectly happy and content sitting there with her toys watching us work.  She even found the grass.  I had her on a towel, mostly to keep the mud off her cute outfit, but when I came back to check on her she'd pulled the towel onto her lap so she could play in the grass.  She was just softly touching it, getting to know what grass feels like.

Another fav.  This one is defiantly going in a frame somewhere!  Isn't her little hat from Grandma the cutest?

This one made me laugh.  Looks like she's eating my leg.

Being tossed in the air is one of her new favorite things to do.  She starts giggling and laughing as soon as she hits the tops of your hands!

Don't mind the loud noise in the background.  It's just Ryan working.  There will be an entertaining video on that tomorrow. 

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