Thursday, April 4, 2013


Happy Easter everyone!!

This past weekend was both crazy busy and relaxing. Along with a going away party for Lauren and Brian and a baby shower for Nichole and Tim, it was also Easter weekend and we had to get Mom and Dad and Joey, Andy and Kayden from the airport on Sunday.  We also worked in the last of the tile work in the bathroom (an update on that coming later), I started some of my seeds for my garden this summer and got all caught up on Abby's baby book.  How could that possibly be relaxing right?  Well, what was nice was although we were busy, we stuck pretty close to home.  And, there's something about crossing things off my to-do list that's relaxing.

Check out all that Easter loot!

Anywho, Easter!  This year we spent Easter morning with Dan and Ellyn and Easter afternoon with my parents after grabbing them from the airport. 

Even though Abby is blurry in this picture I love it for two reasons.  First, I love Ryan's face in this picture.  You can just see how much he loves her.  And second, this is her new face.  She's started this inquisitive side-lean when she's trying to figure something out.  It's hilarious!

"So, wait.  There's a bunny and he comes to the house and leaves chocolate and eggs and presents?  Do bunnies even lay eggs?  I don't think so Mommy.  I know I'm new to this world, but it sure seems like you're trying to trick me."

Another one that I love even though it's blurry.   You see, the reason she's blurry is because Ryan just can't sit still.  I know where Abby gets it from.  

Upside down Daddy!!

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