Friday, April 12, 2013

30: Part II

I know these are the ones you've all really been waiting for.  I'm so happy I brought my camera along and turned it over to my friends to record the night.  I'd have never gotten these without them!

Don't worry Amber, you can have him!  He's all yours :O)  This must have been just before he got a little too crazy!

Zach somehow made friends with this lovely gentleman. 

Nice Jamie, nice :O)

I think we need to frame these two and put them side by side for posterity.

See Amber, I told you you could have him.  This must be just before someone took my lovely hubby home and put him to bed.  Thanks to whoever did that for me!

Maybe I will put this one next to the pic of Ryan and Zach.  Love it B.

Sure, can have him too.  You and Amber can fight over him. :O)

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