Friday, August 3, 2012

More photos from the shower

I promised you some more pictures from the shower last weekend so here they are.  Enjoy!!

First - my first babies deserve a little love these days! 

Lily hates to have her picture taken for some reason.  As soon as you call her name she turns her head away and hides her eyes.  I swear I can never get a good picture of her.  

S-dog on the other hand has no problem posing for a picture.

The only thing cuter than pictures of my two dogs is a picture of my new niece.  Kayden is the sweetest cutest baby ever (course ours isn't here yet to compare *smile).  I loved having the whole weekend to hang out with her and get to know her better.

I got TONS of gifts (thanks to everyone!!) but things like this homemade blanket always get special recognition from me. I know how much work goes into making things with your own hands.

Speaking of homemade things, my mom made me this AMAZING mobile for the nursery.  You all might remember that I had a origami mobile in the babies room from my baby room reveal photos but this one that mom made will go above the crib.  The origami one is hung above the diaper changing area.  Gotta have lots of pretty things to look at right??

Anyways, check this thing out.  I found one on Etsy and sent mom a link asking if she could make one for me.  Boy did she come through!  It's seriously amazing and I can only imagine how much work and time she put into it.  This little baby sure is loved before he/she even gets here.

I'll have to take another picture of the monkey and update this post for you.  I think he's my favorite (he's got a little red heart on his butt!).  I love the elephant too though....heck...I love them all!!

And, while everyone was together, we decided to grab a few family photos.  Ug, I should have photoshopped out my chubby arms, but that's alot of work, and I suppose wouldn't be true to life *smile. 

Three generations in one shot.  Can't wait til I've got one less baby in my belly and one more baby in my arms!! 

Finally, a little story that will make you all laugh.  I'm getting a little crazy over there these days.  Keep in mind, as I'm having the following conversation with Ryan I fully recognize how crazy I sound...literally while I was talking I knew it.  But I was freaking out and Ryan needed to know about it. 

Setting:  About 2 pm on day this week.  Ry's working on a tile job and I'm at work "working".
Me:  "Babe...I'm getting nervous.  We aren't ready for this baby."
Ryan:  "What do you mean, of course we are."
Me:  "No we aren't.  We don't even have a car seat yet, or wipes."
Ryan:  "It will be fine.  We can always get wipes after the baby is born."
Me:  "No we can't.  We will be stuck in the house forever!"
Ryan:  "We can always have someone stop at the store for us and get them."
Me:  "I don't even know how to make a list!!  I don't even know what I need."
Ryan:  "Babe, my grout is drying, I have to go back to work."

See, I know I sound crazy.  And, I know that we don't need wipes the moment we walk in the door.  And, I know that I won't be stuck in the house forever, but at the moment, I was in a panic and couldn't stop myself.  I feel bad for Ryan.  Just a few more weeks of crazy, and then the REAL craziness will happen.  I can't believe that in less than 4 weeks from now we will have a BABY!  Hanging out with Kayden really helped me to realize that I could do this and it would all be alright.

So, here's a quick shot of what I've been up to today.  Prepping for baby:

You know what those are??  If you guess cloth diapers you are right!  You'll be hard pressed to convince me that normal Pampers are cuter than these brightly colored butt covers.  We've got 12 of them (that I bought them new off Craigslist awhile back).  I still need at least 6 more but these 12 will get us started so I can see if I like it.  For anyone that cares, I decided to go with Bumgenius 4.0 AIO's.  That means all in ones, so its all you need in one piece.  Well, sort of, there are actually two pieces, the colorful covers you see here, and then the absorbent part that you slide into a pocket inside the cover.  I'll be sure to update you guys on how it's going once the baby gets here and we start using them but I'm excited to try them out. 

These diapers (plus the few extra I still need) should be all we need to get us through diapering years.  Yep, I wrote that right, 18ish diapers should be all we need!  The potential cost savings was 98% of my reason for deciding to try cloth.  The other 2% was fueled by the "cuteness" of cloth (I mean, how can you resist these bright colors??).  I won't beat myself up over my choice if this turns into an experiment that goes wrong and I hate washing them.  For the $200-$300 I'll invest on this project, I think it's totally worth it.

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