Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Naperville Tri 2012

This past weekend Ryan raced the Naperville Triatalon.  It's been a pretty light race year for us (and by us I totally mean him).  He's been so so busy working and building Fox River Millwork that there hasn't been much time to train....and racing without training isn't all that fun. 

Naperville is a super easy fun race for us since it's so close to home.  Ryan actually rode his bike to the race and Ellyn and I came along a little bit later, which was awesome for this tired momma!!  I've been exhausted lately...no matter how much sleep I get!

I guess this race has really exploded over the past few years.  Ry keeps all his bib numbers and writes his stats on them so last night he was looking back to see how he did over the years.  4 years ago when he raced there were just over 800 people in the race.  This year it topped 1,500!

Since Ry went ahead of us we didn't see him before the race.  Try sorting through all those people!  Everyone pretty much looks the same, but I was pretty sure Ry had a blue cap on and was wearing his yellow tri outfit.  Luckily I'd guessed right and was able to glimpse him as he ran into the water.  The good news is, once I can find him, I can usually follow him the rest of the race.  So, here he is coming out of the bike transition....

*Not such an exciting photo...sorry!

Now, here's the real story.  We have NEVER missed Ryan once we've found him in the race and made our way to the different view points.  We literally have always been able to catch a glimpse of him has he's passed, up until this race!  I mean...he's done Ironman races covering over 120 miles and we've found him.  But somehow during this silly, super fast race we missed him!!   Ellyn and I were hanging out at the bike in point and somehow we missed him.  We must have been chatting too much.  After seeing a ton of people that were WAY out of shape compared to Ryan we finally gave up on seeing him come through into transition and headed toward the finish to see if we could find him.

Low and behold, we found him coming out of the porta potty.  HA!  He wasn't even sweaty anymore, that's how far we missed him by.  Sorry babe!  No finish line pictures for this race!  My bad. 

We did get a few post race photos though.

And....one of the whole family (Sesame....I need you to hang out for one more week, we've got alot going on this week and then you are free to make your debut!)

And...for posterity's sake, here are Ry's race numbers:
Overall place: 105 (out of 1633)
Div place: 18 (out of 125)
Swim: 8:12
Bike: 38:00 (actually I blame Ry for missing him.  He told me it would take him an hour to do the bike so we DEFIANTLY weren't watching for him when he came through)
Run: 22:17
Total time: 1 hour 13 minutes (I love the short races!)

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