Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Gestation of a House...and a Baby!

Yesterday was a really big day for the McGrath family.  After months and months of waiting and living with lots of uncertainty we finally got some things figured out.

The Gestation of a Short Sale:
Did you know it takes longer to buy a house these days then to have a baby?  No??  Neither did we.  Back in November (before we were even pregnant) we put an offer in on a short sale in Hampshire, IL.  We knew it would take a long time to get the sale to go through, but we had no clue it would be quite this bad.  It sure has been one long crazy roller coaster of a ride with plenty of ups, downs, and breaks along the way, but we got word yesterday afternoon that our offer was FINALLY accepted and we will receive a closing date in the next few days.  We know that the contract states we MUST be closed by September 24th so we are expecting a mid-September moving date.

This is the current scene at our house right now.  Why the rush you might ask??

Well, I'm sure everyone knows by now (especially if you've been reading the blog) that I'm 37 weeks pregnant right now and we are expecting a baby any day now.  Actually, that dove tails nicely into my next topic.

The Gestation of a Baby:  This one was a little bit more set in stone than our house was (at least we hoped so).  Baby McGrath is due in just under 3 weeks, but we found out yesterday that he/she is still breech.  I was pretty sure this was going to be the case, and even pointed to where the head was before the doctor put the ultrasound on me.  I was is head up, butt down, with a nice little foot right where the head should be.  So, that left us with two options.  We could try an external version, which basically means the doctor would push around on my stomach and try to get the baby to flip.  Versions are about 30% effective in first time mothers and that rate increases as you have additional babies.  The doc said that success rates for 3rd or 4th time moms are in the 80% range, but its a bit tougher for first timers.  Their are risks associated with versions as well, including having the baby all tangled in the umbilical cord and possibly having the placenta detach.  My doctor recommended that we schedule a c-section.
A scheduled C-section has some benefits (like a SET due date!) and some negatives too of course, but the doctor, Ryan and I weighed the risks and currently have a C-section scheduled for Friday August 24th.  I guess the 24th is a lucky day for us in all things baby and house related :O)  So, as far as we know, in two short weeks from now we will be holding our new little baby close!!  I can't hardly wait.

Course, all that means that we've got a TON to get done in the next 13 days, including packing up our townhouse as much as possible and getting ready for a move (and a baby at the same time).  It's going to be a crazy whirlwind of a month but we are so excited to finally have things fall into place for us.  I can't wait until 2 months from now and I can look back on this crazy time in our lives and just be glad it's all worked out and done!

That being said, I've got some boxes to pack, so back to work for me!!  I'll be back later this weekend with pictures from the baby showers from this weekend!

Update:  My parents showed up a few minutes after I drafted this post to surprise me.  They helped me pack for a few hours and we got so much done!!  It was such a great suprise to have them here to help.  Thanks Mom and Dad!!

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