Monday, August 13, 2012

Baby Shower #4 - Murphy's

I'm going to go a little out of order here, sorry guys.  I actually had another shower on Friday with all of the lovely ladies from my work, but I don't have the pictures from that one yet, so I'm going to post about the shower we had on Sunday first, and be back tomorrow with pictures to share from Friday.

Check out the super cute decorations they had.  Ellyn made this little watermelon baby buggy the night before.  She found in on Pinterest which means it probably took WAY longer than anyone expected.  The fruit was so yummy too.  I loved the rainbow colored popcorn and jelly beans.  It made the whole area seems so cheery and bright!

A few of Ellyn's friends came to help us celebrate.  It was so good to see you all and catch up!

I'm sure I didn't get a picture of everyone, but these were some of my favorites.  There were so many lovely ladies that came out to celebrate the arrival of this little one.  I had such a great time and we got so many gifts!  I can't possibly imagine needing one more thing!!  There were so many boxes, we could hardly fit them all in the car. We got our stroller/car seat combo, baby monitors and swing just to name a few.  We also got some clothes, our pack and play, bottles, and lots of the little things that babies somehow need.  For such a little person, babies end up needing alot of stuff!!! 

Another group shot...hoping to get everyone into the post :O)

Ryan favorite gift was by far his long lost friend, Harvey.  Ellyn sent Dan all the way into the attic to pull Harvey out so the baby could have his daddy's favorite toy right from the get go.  Harvey was Ryan's buddy from when he was a little lad.  He's currently residing in the car seat in the back of my car.  Ryan wants to make sure he makes it safely to the hospital for when baby is born.  HA!  He's also had a long talk with both of the dogs about how Harvey is NOT a dog's a baby toy.  Staley is very confused by the squeaker in his little red heart...she's sure this toy is for her.  HA!  I guess we will see.

Baby news update:  I had another ultrasound this afternoon and the baby is looking good size wise, but it seems like my fluids are a bit low.  The doctor isn't too worried about it, but she's got me coming back on Wednesday morning for another ultrasound.  If they are still low, we will be having a baby BEFORE next Friday.  It's pretty day to day now and they are really just trying to get me to 39 weeks (next Thursday) because that will mean the lungs are fully developed but they aren't too concerned if we end up needing to get the baby out sooner.  So, for now I'm enjoying my last few evenings of quite and (mostly) full nights of sleep.  Who knows...we could go in Wednesday for a checkup and end up having a baby that day.  I'll keep you updated!

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