Thursday, June 28, 2012

First Baby Shower - with the McGrath's

This past Sunday the lovely ladies of the McGrath family threw Sesame and I an amazing shower.  We met at Arrowhead (a local golf club) for bruch and some time to catch up.

I had such an amazing time with these made me wish we could all get together more often.  We ate a little, drank a little (water for me...but Arrowhead has some amazing Bloddy Mary's!  So amazing, we will be going back there post baby so I can have one too), and laughed alot.  Thank you so much guys for a great shower.

We got this cool tummy time mat (which Ryan loves and the dogs find VERY interesting!), and some other great gifts.

Like this highchair and the ever popular Bobby!

These flowers are still brightening up my kitchen as we speak.  And you can see the cool cookies they brought too.  They were delish.  I MAY have eaten Ryan's before he got to it...sorry babe!

The past two weeks have been chalk full of baby stuff.  I've got the room painted and cleaned up.  We've got the dresser nealry refinished (more on that later), the closet organizers hung and I've been doing all sorts of projects that I'll debut once the room is done.  This shower was just another sign that we are getting closer and closer to meeting our little one.  Can't wait!!

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