Saturday, June 23, 2012

A Loon full of sugar....

...helps the Mega Crane go down. 

I know you all have no freaking clue what I'm talking about here, so let me explain.  This past weekend we loaded up the car and the dogs and set out on our way to my family's cabin in near Hayward, WI.  It's about a 7 and a half our drive from our house so we took Friday, Monday, and Tuesday off to make the long drive worth it.   My Mom and Dad, and Chris and Brenna also joined us for the trip.

With only a few days we made sure to make the most of our time.  Ryan and I got to the cabin around 1am on Friday morning.  We left after work on Thursday.  Chris and B decided to do the opposite, they got up super early Friday morning and were to the lake by noon on Friday.  After giving them the official tour, and watching our crazy pups run wild in the woods and lake, we decided to make our way to Marengo Falls. 

Marengo is the tallest falls in the whole state of Wisconsin and its technically located on private property.  A long time back a family friend of my grandpa's took mom and a few others up to the falls.  I've probably only been 2-3 times so I was excited to make the journey.  Since it's a hidden gem, there are not mowed paths or path markers to find the falls.  Mom and Dad just sort of do it by memory and we were so happy when we finally found it.  We walked for 45 minutes on a old logging road and through a ton of brambles and tall grass til we could finally hear the water rushing a little ways away. 

Check out that baby bump.  Sesame, I carried your butt all the way to the falls this year.  Next time, it's Ryan's turn :O)

It was beautiful up there.  It was a hot hot walk, and there were tons of bugs and ticks to go around but we all had a great time.  In fact, on the way home we probably found 20 ticks between just the four of us in our car.  Ryan wasn't so good about tossing them out the window, so Dad got a ton of ticks on him the next day when we drove to Hayward, but hopefully C&B's car is fully tick free by now.

Saturday it rained a bit during the day so we decided to head to Hayward to do some grocery shopping and touristy stuff.  Tom and Carolyn actually met us there as well and Ry and Tom did some mountain biking together.  They were pretty muddy when they finally met up with us in the bar, but after a few minutes in the bathroom doing sink showers and they were good to go.

That evening we went out fishing to see what we could catch.  The crappies were biting like crazy so we had a great time.  It was a good thing that dad decided not to put his pole in the water because the rest of us kept him pretty busy taking the fish off our lines.

We weren't sure we'd have enough big fish to really make a meal out of them until Ryan caught this guy:

A good sized Large Mouth Bass.  Ry actually takes the award for the largest fish for the weekend.  He also caught this Northern a few days later.  He was super excited to finally catch a Northern.  He's not big, but Ry's been wanting to catch one since they last time we were up at the lake so now he can finally cross that off his bucket list.

You may have noticed that there have been zero pictures of Chris's fish at this point.  That's because Chris hadn't been having the best of luck.  In fact, at this point, the rest of us were pulling fish into the boat hand over fist, and Chris hadn't landed a single fish.  To make matters worse, when Ry tossed his line in to catch that Bass, he'd joked that he was going to steal Chris's fish.  He tossed his line in right next to where Chris had casted and low and behold, Ry hooked his bass.  A little bit later Chris finally pulled this guy into the boat:

Not a record setter by any means, but he was happy to finally be able to add one to the bucket. 

And, with that, here are a few other random pictures from the weekend to share with you.  Enjoy!

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