Monday, June 4, 2012

Alot-o-bit of love and a little bit of news...

This past weekend we celebrated Ryan's cousin Jenny's wedding.  She and Jack got married at Heritage Farms in Elburn.  The weather was beautiful but not as beautiful as the bride.  I apologize for the paparazzi type pictures...I need a new camera.  I WANT a new camera!

See, if I had a neat new camera, I'd have taken 10 pictures with this set and had a nice normal one to show you.  Anyways, after that photo, I gave up and left the wedding picture taking to the pros.  But, I do have some wild party photos to share with you...and a video or two, so sit back and enjoy!

Notice the lemonade in my hand, and the tasty beer in Ry's.  Three more months...three more months...

The party's officially started!!

I was trying REALLY hard to get a nice normal picture of Ryan and I.  I finally gave up after this one :O)

The traveling deer hoof made an appearance as well.  Well done, Dan, well done!

Here's a video where I tried to get a few shots of it in action.....

And another one of the general "fun" of the evening...

All in all, we had a great time and are so excited for Jenny and Jack.  Congratulations!!

In other news, Ryan and I have put in an offer on a house in St. Charles.  I'm leery of blogging about it because there's still a long row to hoe before we actually find out if we get to move in, but we are excited and I wanted to share the news.  This offer is actually on heals of finding out an offer that we made back in November of last year fell through.  After being so sure we'd move over a year ago, and packing up half the house only to find out that deal wasn't going to work, I was equally leery to share the details on the house in Hampshire.  So, tonight as I close out this blog, Ryan and I are hoping that the third time is the charm and that this might finally be the house for us.  Once we know more I will share lots more details on the house etc but for now, wish us luck (and a fast closing date!).  I'm guessing we wont be in before the baby arrives, but that's ok will all work out!!  We've got lots of friends and family that are willing to help!

Happy Monday everyone!

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