Monday, October 11, 2010

We've Mr. And Mrs. McGrath!

Well, so much has changed in the last 48 hours. We've gotten married, partied like rockstars (although, from the stories, not as hard as some people....can't wait to hear uncle mikes and vince's stories),we've flown for over 12 hours and arrived safely in Brazil. I'm going to keep this post pretty short today but I plan to blog along the way so keep checking back. If we're lunacy I can figure out how to upload pics for you all too from this iPad.

I'd be lying if I said we've done anything overly interesting already here though. We arrived at about 9:30 am....7:30 you time. We had a driver waiting for us ton take us to our hotel. When we arrived our room wasn't quite ready. The desk worker told us 'i just had a room for you but the owner just came in and he needed to shave so it's not quite ready for you yet'. Strange but who are we to judge right. Maybe I'd do the same if I owned a hotel on Copacobanna beach. Ry and I took the opportunity to grab some lunch/breakfast in our tummies and wasted about an hour. It's overcast and cool here today. Only about 70 so we didn't feel too bad about foregoing the beach for a few hours of sleep. We got ourselves settled and slept for a few hours. Ry's still snoring here next to me as I write to you all. It seems slightly wasteful to sleep the day away but we are both exhausted and figured we're on vacation right! We can do whatever we want. Smile

Wasting a few minutes in the Charlotte airport during our layover...

Our first hotel room in Rio.  We are exhausted!

Ok, we are heading out to get a some water and explore a little so more from me later. I will try to post up the website for our hotel later for you all and will try keep all the goodies out there interested by detailing out our yummy food adventures.

All in all, everything is wonderful and we love being newlyweds.

Love you all....more later

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  1. Best FANCY restaurant in Rio is Olympe - you need reservations but if you want some AMAZING deliciousness try it...(you will definitely need a taxi)