Wednesday, October 20, 2010

In's Sadie again

Hello're stuck with me again:o). I tried to convince Ry to post again today for you all but no dice. We've missed a few days of blogging but you haven't really missed much at all. We spent all day yesterday traveling back from Paraty to Rio and about half of the day today traveling from Rio to Buzios. Yesterday the weather was crap...rainy and cold but it was a great day to travel. The bus ride from Paraty to Rio is about 4 hours not including stops for other passengers, traffic etc. On the bus ride we met an amazing family from Australia. They were 4 kids in their late teens/20's and their parents. One of the daughter was going to study in Argentina for 6 months and the parents were traveling to Patagonia jealous!

When we arrived in Rio it was still rainy and crappy but our hotel was seriously awesome. We stayed in a hotel called Porto Bay. Check it out online....Ry and I felt like we were high rollers staying there. It was so nice in fact that we considered ordering room service a luxury that neither of us has ever used in our whole lives. We ventured out into the city tip find a grocery store for some cheese and crackers. We are still trying to master the correct time to eat dinner and are still failing miserably but we've found that a snack in the evening (around normal dinner time) helps a little. On our way we found a cool little open pit BBQ place. It had a big charcoal burning fire in the middle with whole chickens, steak, shrimp etc roasting on a skewers over the fire. We vowed to come back for dinner but I had a hard time convincing Ryan to leave the movie we were watching at the hotel to come eat. I think that's the first time ever that I've had to convince him to go's usually the other way around.

Our great room in Rio.  This hotel was very very nice. 

The view from our room.  We stayed on the 19th floor.

In any case, the BBQ place was really cool. We met two couples that were traveling the world together. The first was an Aussie couple who were on their 12 week vacation for the year. I'm so serious, 12 weeks each year, that's their allotted vacation time. Ry and I will be moving there in short order. Joke....well kinda. *smile*. The second coulee was from Oregon and was about to be married in January. They both quit their jobs in 2008 and had been traveling since then. Both very cool couples and they bought our drinks for the night so that was cool too.

Tuesday morning we woke up and checked out our hotel. The bus picked us up at 8:30 for Buzios. We rode with a huge group of German people which was pretty neat for me. I don't speak it well anymore but I can understand in context so it was fun to eavesdrop their conversations to try and figure out what they were saying. The weather was pretty crappy out again. Cold and cloudy but no rain so it was a good day to make the 3.5 or so hour drive here to Buzios.

In Buzios we are staying at a beautiful place called Villa D'este. Please please look it up online. Ryan and I spent the afternoon in the blue pool overlooking the ocean (see pics on the website) and drinking Caprihans (the local Brazilian drink.....don't worry, we know how to make it to share with you all) and getting our bearings here in the city.

Our little bungalow in Buzios.  It was great, we had this living room area and our bedroom area. 

The view from our bedroom window.  Everything was open air at this hotel.  It was so beautiful

Still inside our hotel Vila de' este looking back towards our little house.

The "warm tub" and the view.  It would be misleading to call it a hot tub but it was the perfect temperature for Brazil.

The second pool area. 

Ok enough for now....we are off to our next adventure.

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