Friday, August 30, 2013

Another first (at the beach)

While we were on our big camping vacation we had the opportunity to spend a few days with KC's family (a friend of Ryan's) at their lake house near Sleeping Bear Dunes, MI.  Remember, originally, the whole reason for our trip was so that Ryan could do a bike race up there?  Well, the race was sponsored by the Rotary, and run by KC's dad.

Anyways, they have the most beautiful lake house on a small to medium sized lake that actually connects directly to Lake Michigan.  They've got a great little beach area just a few steps from their back deck so Abby got to have her first taste of sand (literally and figuratively).  Yes!  I let her eat it...because, you know what?  It's gross....and even a baby knows that once they do it once.  So you can bet I let her put that handful right in her mouth the first time.  And, after that, sand eating was over.  Rocks though, that's a different story all together.

*Excuse her "boyish" look, it was the only outfit I had in the diaper bag, we didn't realize we were going swimming!

After she sat and played a bit in the sand (and decided that eating it wasn't worth it!), she then got interested in the water.  It was great there, like one of those zero depth pools where you can just walk right in and it gets a bit deeper as you go.  Well, Abby decided that crawling was the appropriate method to test out the waters.  She crawled right in (Ryan was with her), and went deeper and deeper until she finally caught a little wave in the mouth.  That was the end of swim time fun!

But, luckily, there were still sand toys to play with!  I think I'm STILL getting sand out of her but (joke), but she had a great time and wanted to play in it every time we visited their house.  I think she's going to take after her Grandma and be a beach baby for sure.  Can't wait to take these babies to the real beach!!!

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