Wednesday, August 14, 2013


I figured the perfect way to celebrate Abby's actual birthday was to share the pictures and videos of her getting her cake on!!!

Ellyn got the cutest little cupcake from a local bakery for Abby.  I'd been saying that I wanted a cupcake since the whole smash cake idea is sort of lost on me.  You want me to spend $30-$40 bucks on a cake that noone else can eat and she can't finish herself?  No thank you!  A cupcake though, that's perfect.  To be fair, this is actually a muffin sized cupcake, so it's slightly bigger.  Is the decoration cute?  I wish I had a clear picture of it without the candle already stuck in, but they came out blurry for some reason.  Since it's hard to see, it says simply "Abby is 1".  It was vanilla bean flavor since this was her first taste of cake, but Ellyn's already promised that she's going to make a birthday cupcake a tradition from here on out (secretly, I can't wait to taste them all myself).

It didn't take her long to dig right in.  After she tipped it over, there was no stopping her.

She loved to smush the cake and frosting between her little fingers.  She got a bath directly after this!

I just can't resist that face!  And, you can see her two little bottom teeth poking out.

Sugar coma!

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