Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Go Pack Go!!!

Some people use Labor Day to mark the end of summer.  The last weekend of lakes, boats, swimming suits and summer vacations.  But, I choose to look on the positive side and use Labor Day to mark the beginning of my most favorite time of year.  FALL and Football!!!

True, many of you aren't quite ready to give up the flip flops and tanks yet, but I'm ready to bust out my fall wardrobe as we speak and the cool temperatures last night were perfect!!  We left our windows and doors open last night and it was so chilly that I got up to add another blanket on the bed around 4am.

While we were at the lake we staged this little photo shoot with the two cutest baby models around.  And, what could be cuter than these babies in Packers jerseys??

Ryan and Andy both had a hard time seeing their little girls in the famous green and gold...but Abby and I, we were loving it!

In all fairness, I'll probably do a similar shoot with Abby in a Bears clothes here soon.  I'm thinking at least one or two of these are going in frames around the McGrath house!

I simply can not wait until football season starts this weekend!!  Pack plays at 3....Bears at noon!!  Come on Sunday, you can't get here fast enough.

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