Wednesday, August 7, 2013

My favorite dress for Summer....and teeth!

My little lady has WAY more style than me these days.  The reason is two fold.  1.  She gets all new clothes for each season so it's easy to sport what's "in" and 2.  She's got two Grandma's that love her to death and can't help but buy her the cutest little outfits.  This little cherry dress though has been my favorite since day one.  First off, it's cute, but I think the reason for loving it is a little deeper than that.  When my Mom bought it for her she told me a story about how she remembers having a little dress much like this when she was younger and it was one of her favorites.  Something about dressing Abby like her grandma makes me love this dress a little bit more.  She's got so many outfits to wear that I could probably never wash a single thing, but for some reason this little outfit always makes it to the top of the pile.

Abber Dabber has TWO teeth now (both on the bottom) and a third one coming in on top.  For some reason when editing these photos at home, you could clearly see her little chompers in that first picture, but they aren't showing up well for me now.  Sorry!

In my effort to actually get in front of the camera, instead of always behind it, I had Ryan take these pictures the other night and I sort of love them.  They aren't posed and I'm clearly wearing my pj's but who cares!  That's real life and those are the pictures that end up in wedding slide shows 20+ years down the road.

I just love her little chunky monkey legs!!  She's getting longer and skinnier now that she's walking everywhere so I gotta get pictures of those thighs when I can!  She sure does love her Daddy!

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