Thursday, August 8, 2013

First steps!

You've already seen a video or two of my little peanut walking, but I just got my hands on this series of videos from the morning she took her very first steps.  Right before these videos she's taken four teeny tiny steps towards me and all the excitement brought the rest of our camping crew down from the rocks and around the springs.  We had a regular little audience for Abby's first steps and I was so lucky that Chris caught these moments on camera.

*I apologize right now for my choice of clothes.  Remember, we'd been camping for 3 days straight in 100+ heat....that's really the only excuse I have!

Abby clearly loved it when she had an audience and everyone was clapping for her.  In fact, she loved it so much that she just wanted to clap instead of walk!

I'm so excited that we got these moments on camera.  Of course I think they are momentous but it was really cool to hear how the rest of the crew felt about it.  A few hours later Sarah commented how surprised she was that she was so excited to see her first steps.  She's got two nieces of her own, but they live in CA, so she'd only get to see them for short bursts of time.  I'm hoping the rest of the cousins are jumping on this baby bandwagon sooner rather than later!!

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