Saturday, March 2, 2013

Knitting and a baby

Before Abby was born I decided to knit her (or him!...we didn't know) a sweater.  I actually made the same one for Kayden.  The sweater was supposed to be for a baby 0-6 weeks old.  But, like always, my knitting came out a little big.  Abby is FINALLY big enough to fit the cute sweater I made for her so many months ago.  I took a few pictures of her (and Rupert the Rhino I also knit for her) today and wanted to share them with you.

I was honored to see that Abby loves Rupert.  She laughs every time she sees him.  I also knit Kayden a Monkey and I've got a Hippo and a Moose in the works for two other very special babies.  I will share pictures of them when they are finished. 

Abby's sweater turned out just how I imagined it (except for being a bit big).  The good thing about babies is that they grow!  It doesn't take long for them to move in and out of clothes.  The buttons were cute little antique buttons I found at a thrift store.  They were made in Italy and are perfect for my "old soul" little one. 

And, because this post just doesn't have enough pictures of my favorite little lady, here are a few more for you.

At her last doctors appointment (6 months) she was 15 lbs 8 ozs and in the 30th percential for both height and weight.  She's growing and changing so much.  And LEARNING!!  She's eating stage 2 foods now and baby yogurt...she loves that!  She's drinking water from her sippy cup (when I hold it for her) and her hair is getting so long.  Her favorite thing to do is stand.  I sort of wonder if she will ever crawl or just go straight to walking.  She'd much rather be standing in her activity center (thanks, Grandma!!) than anywhere else.  She copies me when I wave bye-bye (although she doesn't understand what it means yet) and she plays peek-a-boo really well now.  She loves to sing and talk to us, but if we are talking she's all ears, learning and watching what we are doing.

Never knew I could love someone so much!

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