Wednesday, March 27, 2013

More progress

Slowly but surely our master bath is coming together.  I forget where we left off with the last post.  Oh yeah, Ryan and his boogers, but here's the slow progression that we are calling progress around our house these days. 

Doesn't everyone wish they had huge saws laying on their bed?  You're jealous....I know.

Then, for a few days we had an "ET" like experience happening.  Ry put up these great plastic walls to help contain the dust while they drywalled, primed and painted the new walls. 

Then, like magic, with two shakes of a lamb's tail we got to this point.  Actually, that's a huge lie.  After we got the walls done Ryan laid the floor tile and we grouted it.  Yes, I said WE.  What really happened was Ryan did all the work and then I was on wipe down duty.  So, since technically my hands touched the floor while it was still being worked on, I considered that as helping :O) 

Ryan totally spoiled my blog reveal of our tile choices with his post of Facebook last weekend but the guy did do all of the work so I can't complain.  We know it's a bold choice, especially with the dark tile at the top, but we love it and we figured we are the only ones that are really going to see it so who cares. 

Just to give you a little run down of the lay out, the two larger holes to the right of Ryan are where the knobs for the shower will be.  Then, the 4 smaller holes are body sprayers.  A splurge we probably wouldn't have done, but the bathroom was already setup with those so why not keep em!  Then, the head of the shower will come down from the ceiling.  You can sort of see where if you look above Ry's head and to the left.  Not the big hole, that's the fart fan (Ryan's term).

Let's see, what else?  We've got crown all around the top which we both love.  Six canned lights (we will be able to see hairs and blemishes ANY time of day....yippee) and radiant heat in the floor.  I can't wait for that sucker to be turned on.  It's going to be glorious!

Two of my favorite parts are the little ledges Ryan made and the built in (picture below).  So the story on the ledges is that I wanted a place to put my foot when I'm shaving.  Have you ever stood in one of these showers without a ledge and wondered just how you'd shave.  Then, you precariously dance around trying to not slip and not miss any spots thinking to yourself this shower MUST have been made by a man!  Well...I have!  So ladies...I demanded a shaving ledge for my foot.  Other than shaving (*count how many times I said shaving in this post!) we will use them for shampoo and soap bottles etc. 

Here's a shot looking back into our (messy!) bedroom.  The two pipes coming out of the wall are for the sink.  You might remember that originally the sink was in the bedroom, NOT the bathroom.  So, we moved the wall back to get it inside where it should be.  But, what I was really taking a picture of is where our awesome built in will go.  So, just to the right of the light switch on the small wall we will cut in a medicine cabinet.  It won't have a mirror since that will be above the sink.  But, it will have one shelf that is exposed (below the door to the cabinet, for decorations) and then a few shelves inside for things like toothbrushes and contact lenses.  One of the coolest things though you can't even see yet.  Ryan thought far enough ahead to bury a plug in that wall so when we cut it open and add our built-in there were be a place to plug in his toothbrush on the INSIDE! more crap on the sink.  It will all be neatly tucked away inside that custom cabinet.

It's moments like these that I LOVE being married to a guy in construction.  It's like having a genie in a bottle.  I just say "I want a shelf so I can shave!" or "Let's do a built in for our bathroom crap" and then I close my eyes (for about 4 months), wiggle my noes and like magic, my wish is granted. 

I CAN NOT wait to show you guys the finished product.  Expect a few more "progress" posts between now and then but we are making big strides now that we are on to the tile.  I'm hoping to get the toilet and sink back in by this weekend.  We are getting close my friends....very close!

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