Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Just keep swimming....

Guess who started swimming this weekend!  Abber-dabber did.  Ryan decided a few weeks back that he wanted to enroll Abby is swim classes, and I was all for it.  Friday nights free of baby duty?  Sign me up!! 

In all seriousness though, Ryan is a great swimmer and he started young.  My mom taught me how to swim before I was 6 months old.  I was born in April and swimming alone by the end of August so she basically had me in the pool as soon as it was warm enough.  Now that we live in the new house, we've got a pool in the backyard and we both knew that we wanted Abby to know how to swim early in life.  Partly for safety and partly because the earlier you learn the better!

So, last Friday night Abby had her first swim class. 

Isn't that just the cutest picture ever??  Many of you have already seen in on Facebook, but I couldn't resist putting it here too.  She just looks so happy!

I rushed to the pool after work to fully document her first class.  I had my iPhone, my big camera and my video camera all in tow when I arrived only to have Ry tell me that we weren't allowed to take pictures!!  How horrible is that?  So, I decided that I'd just snap until they asked me to stop.  Looking back, I suppose I can think of a few reason why they'd not want you taking pictures but at the time all I could think was "It's her first swim class!  How could I miss that??"  I'm so glad I was a rule breaker and "did what I waun..."  I'd have been heart broken to miss this picture.

Just about to "jump" in for the first time

I was so proud of her!!  She didn't shed a single tear.  The cut off for the class was 6 months so she barely made it in.  She was the littlest one there, and the cutest (I know I'm biased).  They have class now every Friday for two months.  At the end she should be able to make her way to the edge of the pool and be able to turn herself over to float, so, she will be safe in our backyard with the pool.  All that said, don't worry, we've got a fence around the pool deck.

Sorry for all the long distance shots...these were "under-cover", illegal pictures.

Without further ado....here are the rest of the pictures and videos from the day.

That was her first dunk!!  I got yelled at a second time right after that, but, at least I got the moment on tape!

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  1. That's so cool! I didn't know they could take classes that young and actually learn to swim! (I for one am glad you took pics - it's adorable!)