Friday, April 15, 2011

Staley - 2 Dog Bed - 0

We've taken a leap of faith this week and tried leaving the Staley Dog out of her cage while we were at work this week.  A big risk, but she's got to learn sometime right?  Monday and Tuesday she did so good.  Nothing was torn up, no accidents in the house....she was just a little angel.  Well, I wasn't crazy enough to believe that we were through the woods, but I had hope!!

WRONG!!!  This is what I walked into when I got home.  Now, keep in mind, that is her dog bed, and the brown stuff is just the stuffing....but none the less, I wasn't too happy!

She's getting better....but she isn't grown up just yet.  Oh crying over torn fluff?? 

I'm sorry mom!  I know I was bad, but maybe if I lay here you won't be able to see the mess around me.

 DUMB dog...but I guess I love her anyways.

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