Sunday, April 17, 2011

Goodbye to the Barren Wasteland (ie: our back yard)

I am going to openly admit that I am embarrassed to show you these "before" pictures, but let me start by saying 2 big dogs and less than 400 sq feet of grass = a really bad backyard area.

Ryan and I are about to rent out our townhouse so that we can buy a new place.  So, inevitably, that means fixing some things that we've just been "living with" to make our house more appealing and more desirable.  One of those project involves our back yard.  With both Lily and Staley we've found that our little patch of green grass isn't so green anymore.


From the screen door looking out

Looking back at the house
 Not ideal right?  Actually, it's horrible.  Certainly not someplace where you could see yourself getting a tan and reading a book, or enjoying a nice beer while grilling.  Like I said, I'm embarrassed to show you these.  But, you will love our after pictures!!


So, after 3 trips to Menard's, 36 roles of sod, and 1 bag of fertilizer, for a total project cost of just about $120, we have a brand new back yard!

These make every home improvement project that much more fun!

Better right!!!
 It was a pretty cheap fix and only took us about 3 hour including all the trips, and we are hoping it will make a big difference to potential renters.  And, the best part, we get to enjoy it until we move out.  The only though part is going to be being diligent enough about letting the dogs out on leash so we can control where they do their "business".  All in all, a pretty simple fix, with great results!!

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