Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snowmageddon 2011

Of course, it's the story on everyone's tongues today......the snow!  According to NBC news yesterday was the 3rd largest snow storm on record in the city of Chicago.  Every report has the storm totals slightly different but we got about 16 inches here in Aurora.  16 inches is alot, but the bigger story was the drifting and blizzard like conditions.  It was CRAZY here for the last 24 hours and I am so appreciative that I was able to work from home today instead of trying to brave the roads to get to work. 

I took the dogs out for awhile today to let them play in the snow.  They loved it and they were so tired when we finally came back in but it was certainly a sight to see.  Staley made it her job to make sure there were no areas of snow untouched.  She romped and roamed all over the entire field.  Lily on the other hand cleared out a little area for herself and just laid down :O)  Oh Lily!!!

Pictures just don't do it justice, but here are a few for you too see.  There is a 6 foot drift outside our back door.  The doggies will be using the front door for quite awhile I think!!

The view out our back door

Soooo much snow!!

I didn't realize those spray cans of snow (that you use at Christmas time) actually happened in real life! 

There were at least 20 guys plowing and shoveling our street today.

Told you!  She just couldn't sit still!

Holy Sh*T...this drift is bigger than me!  But....I REALLY want to go over there mom!!

I'm fine right here (in an Eeyore voice)

BURR!!  Why are we still out here right now...its getting really cold really fast!!

Oh bother....I'm all covered in snow. 
 The snow is be replaced by the cold.  The weather just said that the low for tonight (not including wind chill) is -13.  Burr is right Lily!!!

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