Sunday, February 6, 2011

Ski Trip 2011

Ski Trip 2011 was another success!  Our annual ski trip in Galena, IL didn't disappoint.  We had 15 people this year and had an another amazing house!!  We started the weekend off early when Jamie, Zach, Chris, Brenna and Ryan and I headed out the Freeport on Friday night.  We had a few cocktails but made sure to call in a relatively early night since we knew it wasn't a sprint this's a marathon.  Our crew left around 9 am to head to the slopes where we met up with Lindsay and Greg.  Here are some pictures from our ski day.

Chris and Brenna on the lifts.

Awww....what a cute group.

 I do have to pause to give out a few awards for the day:
1.  Best dressed - Goldie of course.  Lindsay was stylish as ever in her gold outfit.  Gold bindings and boots, gold goggles, and a gold face scarf. 

Best Dressed!

2.  Longest slide - goes to Zach!  I nearly peed in my pants when watching Zach slide down 50% of Crazyhorse on his stomach...hands in front with his snow board dragging behind him.  He wasn't hurt and was laughing most of the way but Ryan thought I was hurt because I was crouched up laughing so hard.
3.  Best Fall - Greg.  While Greg was trying to funny he bounced his way right into a 6 foot tall snow drift.  The drift was behind some trees and right under a ski lift so everyone on the lift thought he had fallen off the lift but really, he was just being a dope and ended up in a pile of snow.  It took him a good 5 minutes to get himself out and he made quite the scene doing it!

It's hard to see...but here is Greg, chest deep in snow!
 Then, after a ton of laughs, a few good falls and quite a few hours we headed to our house which was beautiful of course!!  We had catered food and quite a few beers and of course some of us partied til the sun came up.

Vince and Irina

Everyone's hungry

A good picture....except for that wierdo in the back!

Just hanging out!

The aftermath....oh....the aftermath.
 And is one to commemorate Lindsay and my first anniversary as friends.  Great friends...but on this Packers/Steelers Superbowl day...also great enemies:

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