Sunday, January 2, 2011

Wild women, Wild women....a ripping and a tearing, a ripping and a tearing

New Years Eve and Koontz lake was wild and crazy.  We had a great mix of people and a great time overall.  We killed a keg and a half and I am sure we gave the neighbors something to talk about when we pulled up with a party of 24ish people, 4 dogs and 2 kegs.  The weather was warm, over 50 degrees and although Ryan was sad that sledding was obviously canceled, the nice weather allowed for full utaliziaion of the gazeboo and the back deck.  There was even a Purdue-IU flip cup torney.  I will hold off on declaring an actual winner though since it differs depending on who you ask :O)

Here are some great pics of the weekend.  Enjoy!!

Lo and Brian....acting like lovers :O)

Lizzy and Bean (the only male dog in a land of females :O)

A few of the "young kids"...yep....we feel old!!!

I wish I had an appropriate caption for this picture...Hehehehehe

Kevin and Krista-two love birds!!


Standing on the ice

I told the boys to pose like they were in prom and here is what I got :O)  I LOVE Brendon in this pic!

Pretty Lily!

Ry looks like he is pooping out a bouy....

3 crazy doggies were loving the frozen lake playground!

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