Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A place to rest your head - A DIY Project (PART 2)

I'm getting excited now, it's really starting to look like a bed!!  You can see pictures from a few days ago here.  I didn't get many pics of the majority of the pre-work because honestly, it didn't look like much.  But, you can tell that it's finally starting to come together and Ryan said if everything goes well we should be sleeping in it tonight!

I'm feeling to urge to head to Target and get some new throw pillows for the bedroom (every guys dream right??).

Anyways, here are some pics of how its coming along.  Don't worry, we aren't harboring E.T. in our garage (although thats exactly what it looks like).  Ryan hung huge plastic tarps in the garage because he is spraying the finish onto the bed instead of painting it on with a brush.  It's much faster and makes for a better, more even, finish.  Check it out! 

It looks like he is working with hazardous materials....not really, but it is VERY stinky!

He's using that sprayer to spray on the finish of the bed.  We went with a Semi-gloss and I am so happy we did. 

A picture of the head and foot boards.

Cute Husband!

Fingers crossed I will have completely finished pics for you to see later today or tomorrow!!

Check back later for this finished project.

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