Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Abby's first fishing trip

Finally caught up on the blog posts...this is the last one from Up North.  Just in time for our annual cousins camping trip coming up next week.  Anyways, back to the fishing trip.  This year was the first time we felt like Abby was old enough to generally understand the concept of fishing...and maybe have the attention span to sit in the boat long enough to actually catch something.

We'd bought the kids little ice fishing poles to use but ended up just giving them real poles because, let's be honest, the adults did most of the pole holding.  For those of you that don't know, ice fishing poles are about half the length of a normal pole and perfect for little kids...just maybe kids that are SLIGHTLY older than Abby and Kayden.

The little's did a pretty good job, though I think we might have stayed out longer than their attention span.  By the end they were entertaining themselves by watching the worms crawl around on the table and building them little houses out of pool noodles.  HA!  At least they could entertain themselves.

To say that they "caught" fish is probably an overstatement.  In real life it was more like Mom or Dad held the pole until there was a fish on the line and then we let the kids reel them in.  They were pretty excited about it.

It took QUITE a few tries to get Abby to touch the fish.  Kayden wasn't afraid of them in the least, but Abby was much more tentative (what else is new?).

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