Thursday, August 20, 2015

Hazel's Baptism

This past weekend was Hazel's baptism.  We had her baptized at our church here in Hampshire, Cornerstone Church.  Her godparents are Greg and Meg and we couldn't have chosen a better couple.  Abby is in LOVE with Greg and Meg and I know that Hazel will feel the same about them.

When we had Abby baptized she wore my baptism outfit so this time around we put Hazel in Ryan and Erin's baptism gown.  She also wore the prettiest strand of pearls that Erin wore. 

Doesn't Abby look excited to be on stage?  HA!  She was just ready for her birthday party to start and to get her hands on that cake!

See - they are already great god parents!!  We're so lucky to have these two in our lives. 

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