Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Up North 2015

Last week we spent a whopping 8 days at my family's lake house in northern Wisconsin.  I've blogged about the lake house before and shared pictures of the lake, house and outhouse, and how special this place is for me so I'm just going to focus on some cute pictures of my family and all the fun we had there.  I've got a few more posts coming about Up North so stay tuned!

 The lake house is pretty small.  Think 2 small bedrooms and 1 bathroom so we took our camper along which we basically consider our own little house on wheels.  This is the first time we camped using it as a family of 4 and I'm happy to report it worked just like we hoped it would!  Abby slept perfectly in her little room, and us in ours while Hazel had the middle section to herself.  She slept in her little rock and play and I was able to get up and nurse in the middle without waking up the whole family.  It was perfect!!  Of course, the noise of the air conditioner helped to drown out the noise so I'm thankful for that as well.  I think most people thought I'd lost my mind when I said I was going camping with a two week old, but we made it work and I'm confident we'll have a great trip in a few weeks when we go camping with the cousins.  Yep, that's right, two camping trip in the first 6 weeks of Hazel's life...we've got this!

Joey, Andy and Kayden were there with us for most of the week and it was great to let the girls have so much time together.  They played so well together and had such a good time.  They went fishing, swimming, drove the Barbie Jeep (without fighting too much) and the Pope Mobile, they laughed and had lots of little secret hiding places where they tucked away for as long as we'd let them.  They were so cute together.

I had this same bubble maker up north last year and the pictures are just too perfect not to post.  #childhoodunplugged

I have a feeling this picture might make it into the wedding montage someday.  Ha!!

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