Friday, July 24, 2015

Hazel Frances McGrath - Part 2

Even though I was feeling pretty crappy the day Hazel was born, some very special people couldn't wait to meet her so I had a few visitors that first day.  My mom, Abby, Ellyn and Erin all came to the hospital around 11 to meet the newest addition to the family. After sitting in the waiting room for a half hour or so while I got myself together and tried to not puke, I knew they were bursting at the seams to hold Hazel so in they came.  They didn't stay long and I'm so glad they came!

Erin didn't get to see Abby right when she was born since she was living in New York, so I know this was a special moment for her when she got to meet Hazel on her birthday.

The grandmas were pretty excited too!

I can not get enough of this picture.  Daddy and his two little's perfect.  And Abby tentatively looking at her new little sister....pretty much sums up our life in those first few days!

And Hazel's godfather, Greg made sure he came to visit her on that first day as well.  I knew he loved her a lot when he stuck around as I puked in the bed right beside him.  Not my finest moment, but Greg, big props for that one...huge!!  You are a great guy and will make an awesome Dad someday.  #jointheparentsclub

But these pictures, of Abby's first moments with Hazel will always be some of my favorite.  I can't stand the cuteness!

Thanks to everyone who sent cards, food, gifts and love in those first early weeks.  You are all so sweet to think of us and remind us that we are surrounded by love and support.  I'm grateful for you all!

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