Thursday, December 5, 2013

Continued adventures in messy

*Check out that baby mullet!!

Let's be honest, if there is one thing that babies are good at, it's making a mess.  Abby's been in a particularly frustrating stage going on about 3 weeks now where she really doesn't want anything to do with any food that I've touched.  Forget about me trying to spoon things into her mouth, we're over that.  She doesn't even want it if I try handing her the spoon and letting her try.

It's instantly "No" in a tiny muchkin voice with a hint of whine behind it.  Then add exaggerated head shaking and hand flailing and you'll get a picture of what I've been dealing with these past few evenings.

So, we're onto food that she can feed herself....which only works part of the time (as witnessed here where she's got more food on her face then actually IN her mouth but at least she's smiling).  Of all the stages we've gone through this far, this one seems to be annoying me the most.  I worry about her not getting enough "real" food to eat.  Goldfish crackers, fig newtons, bananas and toast are about all I can count on these days.

I have found that she'll eat those squeezy packs of food that only cost about 3 times as much as normal baby food because she can hold them and feed herself, but other than that, it's a guessing game each night about what exactly she'll eat.  Please don't let me have a picky eater on my hands....please let this be a stage!!!


  1. Ugh, I understand... I find that stage very frustrating too! We just had a lunch where Luther only ate veggie chips even though I made him a sweet potato (his favorite) and he wouldn't touch it! We like fish sticks and chicken strips to bake at home... that way I figure he's getting a little meat at least! Would she eat that?

    1. She will do chicken nuggets so long as the dogs are outside (otherwise it's way more fun to feed the dogs than to eat ourselves). Sometimes she'll do eggs too but honestly it's a guessing game every night. One night eggs will be all the rage and then a few nights later they're on the floor and she's squirming to get down. I just keep telling myself she'll eat when she's hungry but man kid, Momma needs a break :O) Fish sticks are going on my grocery list for this week though. Good suggestion.