Wednesday, July 31, 2013

We've got a walker....and no, I'm not talking about a zombie

It's baby is on the move!  I was so excited to see her first steps.  She saved them just for us when we were camping a few weeks back.  She took four little unsteady steps towards me while we were sitting by a natural spring.  Chris was close by and caught her second official steps on camera (I'll post that video/pics later).  Then we didn't really see much action for a week or so.  She'd stand up in the middle of the room, which she'd been doing for awhile now, and then plop back down thinking it was just too much work.

But, randomly on Sunday afternoon she decided it was time to start moving like Momma and Daddy and she's been perfecting the walk ever since.  Most mornings she's still too sleepy to try, and reverts back to her safe space, the crawl, but by the afternoon she's got her courage up and she's ready to roll.  

As you can see, she's still pretty unsteady, but she's determined!  And no, I can't explain why she needs Daddy's safety glasses while walking.  Have you ever noticed that no matter how many toys you have around, babies want to play with garbage or whatever it is you are trying to hold onto?

I guess I'm going to have to get her used to wearing shoes.  She's not loving them these days, because they make her even more unsteady and probably more because I never really put her in them when she was younger.  I don't know, is it just me, or does it seem silly to cram their little feet into shoes if they never touch the ground?  Besides, barefoot is best right!  That's the newest trend :O)  I know, I's time for shoes.  Especially when it starts to get cooler...and when we are outside of the house.


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